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Machining Capabilities

At Buffalo Gear, our machining capabilities extend beyond standard gear manufacturing.

gear Internal & External Gearing
gear Shaping up to 18" O.D.
gear Hobbing up to 40" O.D.
gear Spur Gears / Helical Gears
gear Worms & Worm Gears
gear Splines / Shafts
gear Sprockets to 1-1/2" C.P.
gear Clusters
gear Timing Pulleys (Gear Belts)
gear Sectors
gear Ring Gears
gear Pinion Gears
gear CNC Gear Hobbing
gear CNC Turning
gear CNC Milling
gear Broaching
gear Key Seating
gear Precision Honing
gear Thread Grinding
gear O.D. & I.D. Grinding
gear Gear Tooth Flame Hardening
gear Standard / Metric / Special
gear Climate Controlled Inspection Facilities

  • Gear cutting
  • Gear Broaching
  • spur gears

CNC Machining

In order to manufacture high quality precision gear blanks for gears such as spur gears, helical gears, worm gears and pinion gears as well as non-gear related CNC machined products, Buffalo Gear offers an in-house state of the art CNC turning facility with bar-feed capabilities. Also, In-House CNC milling with 4th Axis capability.

Bar-feeding on this machining equipment is ideal for high quality production runs, which allows us to offer you competitive pricing along with a precision machined product.

Advantages of CNC Machining:

gear Accurate machining
gear Precision machined cuts
gear Minimizes handling
gear Faster turnaround

CNC machine

Broaching & Keyseating

Broaching and keyseating are methods used to create the keyways inside of a gear. By offering both gear manufacturing operations, we are able to select the best method for an individual production run. For example, Hydraulic pull style broaching is best used for short production runs.

Buffalo Gear has many standard keyway broaches in stock. Internal splines, hex, square and various irregular shapes can be produced with broaching. We also offer keyseating for larger keyways.

Advantages of Broaching & Keyseating:

gear High Speed Broaching is cost effective
gear Accurate repetitive size control
gear Most economical way to produce irregular shapes in production runs
gear Standard tooling is readily available

CNC machine

I.D. Honing

High precision Sunnen manual hones and High Speed Automatic hones provide precision bores with repeatable accuracy; prototype to production.

Advantages of I.D. Honing:

gear High precision machined parts
gear Can be used with large or small quantities
gear Assure bore size for ease of assembly
gear Close tolerance is held for shaft and bearing fits
gear Superior finishes
gear Sunnen technical support available for difficult or unique applications

ID Honing

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