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Highly Specialized Projects
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Custom Precision Commercial Gears

At Buffalo Gear, we specialize in hobbed and shaped gears. Our vast hob and gear cutting inventory amassed over the years are on hand to save extra tooling charges for our customers.

Our state-of-the-art machine shop has the capability to meet your machining needs with CNC Turning, CNC Milling, Gear Tooth Flame Hardening, Thread Grinding, OD and ID Grinding, Key Seating, Broaching and Plating.

Buffalo Gear is here to work with you for all of your gear manufacturing needs. We can reverse engineer and identify stock and non-stock gear forms using our gear testing & analysis equipment.

Let us work with you on your next special gearing project - from prototype to production.

  • brass gears
  • gear testing
  • sector gears
  • broaching
  • internal gears

Gear Manufacturing Capabilities

gear Internal and external gear cutting
gear Standard, metric and special specs gear cutting
gear Worm Gears
gear Clusters
gear Sectors
gear Splines
gear Sprockets to 1-1/2" C.P.
gear Shafts
gear Pinion Gears
gear Knurling/Crimping Wheels
gear Timing Pulleys and more...


Gear Materials & Sizes

gear Stainless Steel
gear Carbon
gear Alloy steels
gear Bronzes
gear Brass
gear Aluminum
gear Iron
gear Various Exotics
gear Plastics and Fibres

You can also provide your own blanks.

Buffalo Gear manufactures gears from 3/8" to 40".
Our D.P. range is from 3 to 120.

Climate Controlled
Gear Inspection

Our climate controlled gear inspection facility is a vital part of quality control and provides a clean environment for certified gear testing equipment used to chart gears.

It is essential for gauging accuracy and needed to maintain and assure quality CNC machined parts.

Buffalo Gear can identify and reverse engineer gear forms using our gear testing equipment and computer generated gear applications.



gear Test integrity of machined parts
gear Ensure high quality and high precision gears
gear Maintain integrity of gauges and gear test equipment to controlled certified standards

  • Gear inspection machine
  • CNC gear inspection
  • Gear accuracy

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