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From our experience, the most efficient method of delivering a timely and accurate quote is to talk with you in person.

Call us toll-free: 1-888-283-3432

If you would prefer to send us a drawing file or a formal RFQ, please send to info@buffalogear.com. Be sure to include company name, contact name, phone & fax numbers.

We utilizes AUTOCAD design software and gladly accept the following file types

  • SolidWorks
  • TurboCAD v8
  • PDF
  • JPEG
  • MS Excel
  • MS Word
  • Powerpoint
  • E-Drawings
  • & more...

  • Gear CAD design
  • Gear reverse engineering
  • Gear CAD

Toll-Free   1-888-BUFF-GEAR
Toll-Free   1-888-283-3432
Local   (716) 731-2100
Fax   (716) 731-2553

Email   info@buffalogear.com

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